Aluminum Floating Docks come in various sizes and strengths. KLC has both Commercial grade and Homeowners grade available for your choice.

Both types can have various types of decking. Some of the residential floating docks have removable decking to make it easier for those of you that have to remove your docks or swim platforms during the winter months.

The residential floating dock with removable decking can have aluminum decking, cedar or wolmanized decking. Other options would be composit decking. These docks are lightweight aluminum construction and are virtually maintenance free. The rail design provides a more finished look and makes it easier to mount accessories. The deck sections just lift off for off-season storage out of the water.

Homeowners in waters that require a stronger frame also use the commercial grade. The decking on these docks are fastened to the frame and are not removable. You again have a choice of decking.

The flotation for both of these systems is of the same high quality float drums as we use on all of our systems. The warranty is minimum 8 years on the floats.

Talk to us about your proposed use and we will discuss the various types of frames available to you. We will help you make an educated decision as to the type of system best for your purpose. We can also help you compare costs for the various available systems.