Wetland trails and boardwalks have always been a major attraction to avid bird watchers and nature lovers. Now with Superdeck everyone can enjoy these sensitive areas as well. School systems have found that these trails help them demonstrate the studies of nature, which in turn helps the student, understand and respect the frail environment we all live in. Teachers and students benefit by and love these outdoor classes.

This system allows the trail to be built with minimal disturbance to the sensitive environment, as no heavy equipment is required for the installation. It allows water to pass through with minimal impediment and lets sun light pass under it to continue with the natural growths.

It can be built to make the area barrier-free so everyone can enjoy these areas. We have Superdeck Wetland Trails and Boardwalks all over the country including Alaska.

We can help you with preliminary planning, cost estimating and preparation. When ready you can order directly or we can help you with bidding plans and specifications.

The State of NJ has issued a "sole source" category with a written explanation of the State findings. Copies are available upon request.