KLC is proud to represent several of the nations leading Recreational Floating Dock, Wetland, Boardwalk, and Beach Access manufactures. We use and sell all of the products viewed on this web page and it's links.

We can help you design your dock and review the various types of materials available to see which is the best for you, your use and your location. KLC builds a variety of types and sizes of floating docks to meet your needs and budgets. Superdeck Modular Polyethylene Docks, Aluminum framed docks, and Wood frame docks. All types of floating docks such as homeowner, governmental facility docks, swim platforms, fishing docks, marina and boat launch docks.

Is a floating dock for you and your location? That answer depends on many things, such as water conditions, ice conditions, and the primary use of the dock. We have sold and installed many floating docks over the years for both private homes and public agencies. Both wood and manufactured products. Public docks require more floatation than the private sector because of the potential numbers of people or load on them compared to private docks. Check with your local building code agencies for the requirements in your area.

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KLC builds a variety of sizes with the various deck materials of the floating docks.


Finally there's a platform system that's durable and easy to install. Superdeck looks great and lasts long.


KLC has both commercial grade and homeowners grade aluminum docks for your choice.


Wooden floating docks can be made up in many different shapes and sizes.


Wetland trails and Boardwalks have always been a major attraction to avid bird watchers and nature lovers.


Superdeck beach access is being used around the country to also meet needs of physically impared or strollers.