KLC sells and builds a variety of sizes for swim platforms and many different sizes and shapes for the floating docks and fishing piers. We also have a variety of deck materials for the various systems. We have modular Superdeck Swim Platforms and dock sections as well as aluminum frames and wooden frames.

The aluminum frames are all professionally welded. The wooden frames are constructed with the proper hardware made specifically for floating docks. This hardware helps to prevent racking from occurring.

Various deck materials are available. Superdeck has molded a polyethylene deck system. The wood and aluminum frame docks and platforms can have wooden, composit, aluminum or other various decking materials. Ask us for additional information. Some decks require more maintenance than others.

Public boat docks are required to have curbs and fishing docks and/or piers must have railing. KLC can comply with these requirements. Check with your local permitting agency for their current requirements.

Swim Team docks can be built to your specifications as well as swim area enclosures to prevent boats from access to those sensitive areas.